Glean For Good Hosts Several Small Group Visitors in 2023

Glean For Good Hosts Several Small Group Visitors in 2023

he recent New Year is a perfect excuse to list and give thanks for participants at Glean For Good Farm. We are SO grateful for your generosity and encouragement! Having small groups like these brings new life and energy to us all. Furthermore, many of you brought your extras like silverware and mason jars so we can continue to strive toward a sustainable model without wasting a thing.

Here is a list of groups who visited Glean For Good and donated your extras to keep us going in 2023.



 Kym Johnson and Mickey Tousignant, Sept 2, 2023

MOPS at First Christian Reformed, Cassie Johnson contact, Sept 12, 2023


Families of Jeff and Bethany Mootz and Brandon and Tammy Smith Sept 18, 2023

EmBe South Daycare and Preschool, Sept 28, 2023


SFCS Photography Class, Oct 17th, Ms. Emily Schwarz instructor 


Westside Christian Service Day (K-2nd), Mrs. Brenda Hill, Principal Nov 3, 2023


(Tracy) Robinson Family Daycare, Aug 8, 2023


Blessed Redeemer Lutheran Church and Preschool, May 11, 2023



Garretson Blue Dragons 5th Grade Field Day, April 27, 2023

If we forgot your group please message us! We want to include everyone in this year’s summary. We hope everyone enjoyed their time with us like we did with you. Hope to see you in 2024! 

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