How We Engage With You!

At Glean farm, we provide a diverse array of engaging experiences. Join us for Goat Yoga, Gleaning Dinners, and Farm-to-Table Fund-Raisers featuring locally-sourced dishes. Explore your creativity in Soap-Making Classes, or let kids enjoy educational fun at our Boys and Girls Club Day Camp. We also offer tailored visits for homeschooling families, school field trips, and plant class visitations. Join us for Gleaning activities to harvest seasonal bumper crops. These experiences celebrate agriculture and farm life, promising unforgettable moments for all who visit.

Glean's Efforts to Transform

We witness the impact of this dichotomy. The under-resourced not only struggle to feed their families but also contend with a lack of voice, power, and dignity within the food gathering process. We aim to create a blog and app that empowers the hungry to feed themselves and guides gardeners, policymakers, community leaders, and parents in radically altering how we acquire and distribute food within local communities.

"Glean for Good" is an endeavor to give a voice to the voiceless and establish a framework for improving this dichotomy.

Be a Part of Our Network and Share Your Thoughts

Sharing thoughts and ideas is an important part of personal and collective growth. It allows us to gain new perspectives, challenge our own beliefs, and learn from others. By sharing our thoughts and listening to others, we can work together to build a stronger and more inclusive community.