Welcome to Glean for Good

When most people think of South Dakota, they imagine the glorious Badlands or impressive Mount Rushmore. But I think of hunger. I live in a state in which 1 out of 5 children are at risk for going hungry tonight. 40% of our children eat school lunch through free or reduced lunch programs. Also, 3 of America’s poorest counties are within our borders.

This is ironic because South Dakota is an agricultural state. Our #1 industry is corn but a full 80% is produced for feed grain or ethanol. Meanwhile, food pantries through organizations like Feeding South Dakota, are overwhelmed with the 190,000 individuals in need of food today.

As a Family Physician, I see the impact of this dichotomy. The under-resourced, not only struggle to feed their families, but struggle with a lack of voice, power and dignity of the food gathering process.

This past year I successfully fed my family from my 4-season garden, hunting pheasant and venison from my land, with bumper crops to trade and share.

My solution is to create a blog and app that empowers the hungry to feed themselves and guide gardeners, policy makers, community leaders and parents to radically change how we obtain and distribute food within local communities.

Glean for Good is an attempt to provide a voice for the voiceless and a structure to change this dichotomy for the better.