GleanScreen: A Farm to Zoom Experience

Welcome to GleanScreen, where we can bring a goat to your work meeting, a pig to your virtual math class, or a donkey to your online birthday party! Our farm is full of characters who would love to bring smiles to your co-workers, friends, and family.

Plus, when you book with GleanScreen, you’re helping support the Glean for Good education efforts! At Glean for Good, we derive our name from the Old Testament practice of letting the most vulnerable members of the community gather food that was left in the fields after the harvest. This practice, called “gleaning,” is beautifully illustrated in the biblical story of Ruth. Glean for Good is committed to growing connections with people by introducing them to sustainability, gardening, and life on the farm.

Schedule a Glean Screen meeting to meet one or several animals on the farm. Meet them below!

In support of our mission, we are also offering free GleanScreen sessions to certain non-profit and education-based organizations. If you’re interested, please contact us.



Ginger the alpaca follows all the latest trends and recently changed up her look with a fresh, spring haircut. So if you see her, make sure to mention how good it looks. Her selfie game is on point, but she is a little camera shy. Ginger loves nature and adventure. She brings glamour to the farm yard and can’t wait for the next season of The Masked Singer.


Kune Kune Pig

Tank is an unstoppable force of girth and grunts. Anna, our other Kune Kune pig and the mother of his eight offspring, describes him as wide, dark, and handsome. Food is his passion, but he has yet to learn to cook (it’s on his bucket list!). On an average day, you might find Tank making the rounds of the pen, taking a mud bath, or loudly snoring through an afternoon nap.

“Inviting a pig to our lunch meeting was a risky move, but once the topic moved to the menu, he was all ears. Tank’s command of a room is as effective as his girth is wide. He really carried the meeting on his back. Give the pig a chance, you’ll be in hog heaven.”

“At first Tank seemed charming, but it turns out he can be a real chauvinistic pig. Would not recommend.” 

“You’ll swoon for this swine and his infectious smile.”

“Tank ate my birthday cake in 3 bites. Amazing work!”

The Goats

Amy, Hope, Jojo, Fiona, Thelma, Grizzly & Bear, and Heather

With these goats, you just never know what you’re going to get—aside from fresh milk! Like any brothers, Grizzly and Bear love to play-fight and jump around, no kidding around! Heather is a snuggler and chews on clothes for attention. The ladies are enjoying their newest business enterprise: producing milk for cheese, ice cream and soap production. Rumor has it that they’re scheming to get on Shark Tank: Ag Edition.

“These goats are delightful and full of personality!”

“I invited the goats to my virtual yoga class. It seems like they’re better suited for parkour.”

Shrek & Brownie

Mini Donkeys

The most talked-about couple at the farm, Shrek and Brownie are also called the “burritos” (mini burros, or donkeys). Their affection for one another is unmatched. While Brownie is shy around others, Shrek happily greets visitors to the pen! He would love to give you a tour — in exchange for attention or his favorite treat. These sweet animals even pull their own weight!

“We only caught a glimpse of Brownie, but Shrek stayed an extra few minutes on our call to give his insights for our Q2 marketing strategy, what a nice guy!”

“Wait, Shrek IS the donkey??”


Farm Cat

Yes, Sunny is a natural ginger. She is one of the more popular farm animals and brings us a litter of kittens each year. In 2019, one of her kittens was albino! She has free range of the entire farm and is the envy of the penned animals. When she’s not watching over her brood, you can find her basking in the sun.  

“Sunny taught my house cat about sourcing your own food instead of begging for it. This could be the beginning of a great mentoring relationship.”


Labrador Retriever

Schultz loves visitors! And other animals! And you! He is a full-grown puppy with an appetite for birds and rabbits—and bringing them to the house to show off. Schultz loves attention! And long walks! And birthday parties! He hopes you’ll remember his birthday in October. He will be three!    

“We called in to GleanScreen to meet the alpacas and donkeys, and Schultz the lab absolutely stole the show. Highly recommend him if you need a pick-me-up.”