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How to Easily Make Maple Sugar

If you tried your hand at tapping maple trees this year, you know how easy and cheap this hobby can be! After four years of sugaring, I was ready for the next challenge… making maple sugar!

Below is a simple recipe requiring only maple syrup and a quality pan. Several recipes are on-line, Like the one I used. However they all essentially repeat the same idea:

How To Make Maple Sugar

1. Heat 32oz of maple syrup in a wide-bottomed high quality pan, measuring temperature with a candy thermometer. Initially, syrup will boil about 7 degrees hotter than water (212F + 7F = 219F).

2. As you evaporate more water, syrup officially becomes sugar around 40 degrees Fahrenheit above boiling water (260F or so). No need to stir unless the bubbles threaten to boil over the sides.

3. Once warm enough, remove from the stove and vigorously stir with a wooden spoon. As the paste cools it will become sandy like any other granulated sugar!

4. Consider placing this in food processor for several pulses to break up unwanted clumps in store in an airtight container for up to one year.

And please, share your recipes, successes and wisdom with us at Glean For Good!

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