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Those with Abundance Have No Extra. Those with Little Have Enough.

The Story Behind Glean For Good!

Matt and Beth Jensen moved to Garretson, SD in the winter of 2011- eager to embrace all that rural living had to offer. They both recognized both the abundance of space, fruit trees, wild edibles and potential to grow even more.

At Glean for Good, we're all about the slow and steady accumulation of knowledge and experience. We believe in living off the land by sourcing our food from our very own garden. But it's not just about the food - we also prioritize gathering and building friendships with our neighbors. Together, we learn and grow through our collective efforts.

But we don't just stop there - we're also passionate about tackling food distribution disparities among those in need. We're dedicated to finding sustainable solutions that will benefit everyone.

We're also committed to serving those who are often overlooked - the poor, foreigners, orphans, and widows.  It's all about building community, one delicious meal at a time!

Father and Son with Goat


Batches of Soap


Events Held



What It Means to Glean

     - To gather or collect (something) in a gradual way .

     - To search (something) carefully.

     - To gather grain or other material that is left after the main crop has been gathered.


Beth Teaching Crowd

How We Engage With You

Goat Yoga
Gleaning Dinners
Farm-to-Table Fund-Raisers
Soap-Making Classes
Boys and Girls Club Day Camp
Homeschool Family Visits
Garretson Public School Field Trips
Sioux Falls Christian Schools Plant Class Visitation
Gleaning for seasonal bumper crops (mulberries, arronia berries, sweet potatoes)


The Glean For Good Team

Elijah Hamilton
Elijah Hamilton is a junior at the University of Sioux Falls where he studies Biblical Studies and English. He loves learning and enjoys the opportunity to learn through podcasts while feeding goats and pigs. Nothing clears the mind of homework and textbook clutter like a few hours outdoors with some furry friends.
Abby Kate Hamilton
Abby Kate is a freshman at the University of Sioux Falls. She has always loved animals and being outside. Working at the farm is a very good time to get away from the list of to do's and work hard at something she loves. The pigs are her favorite animals on the farm.
Megan Sunvold
Megan Sundvold is a senior Vocal Music Education major at the University of Sioux Falls. She has such a huge heart for the animals, and has quite the love for goats! Most the time spent on the farm doesn't feel like hard work. It's more therapeutic and brings her joy to be working with some of God's wonderful creations.
What We Do

Glean's Efforts to Transform

As a Family Physician, I see the impact of this dichotomy. The under-resourced, not only struggle to feed their families, but struggle with a lack of voice, power and dignity of the food gathering process.

This past year I successfully fed my family from my 4-season garden, hunting pheasant and venison from my land, with bumper crops to trade and share.

My solution is to create a blog and app that empowers the hungry to feed themselves and guide gardeners, policy makers, community leaders and parents to radically change how we obtain and distribute food within local communities.

Glean for Good is an attempt to provide a voice for the voiceless and a structure to change this dichotomy for the better.


Beth Helping Kid-1

Be a Part of Our Network and Share Your Thoughts

Sharing thoughts and ideas is an important part of personal and collective growth. It allows us to gain new perspectives, challenge our own beliefs, and learn from others. By sharing our thoughts and listening to others, we can work together to build a stronger and more inclusive community.