Gleaning Wisdom From Joel Salatin

If you had the chance to spend one hour with anyone living who would it be? Your answer says quite a bit about what questions you have, what you ponder and who you admire. For me, conversation with Joel Salatin has always been on my bucket-list. Self-defined as a Christian, libertarian lunatic farmer- he emulates and pioneered many of the counterintuitive farming methods that now are popularized.

We covered quite a bit in an hour, but my favorite moment was when he asked me a question. He wanted to know the logistics of getting school lunch to our farm. After explaining Glean For Good’s partnership with a local private school, he said “Boy if you have a kitchen crew who is cheerleading for you- I don’t think you can appreciate what a special thing that is. That is fantastic.”

Thank you to Mr. Salatin for a thoroughly enjoyable zoom call. We hope to meet in person soon!

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