How You Can Get Free Clothes, Organize Your Closet and Party With Friends


If you have a cluttered closet and hate spending money on infrequently worn clothes, here is the solution for you: A clothing exchange!  It doesn’t matter what size, gender or age you are- you have an excuse to organize or participate in a clothing exchange and party with your friends. Here are examples of how our community enjoyed cleaning out their closets, and filling them again, without spending a dime.

Invite. You’ll want to send invitations out a couple of weeks in advance to let your guests have plenty of time to think about what clothes they will donate to the party. Make sure each invitee has at least one other person that is her/hes size so that everyone has a great selection to choose from.

My Girlfriend’s Closet

A name my 7, 9 and 11 year-old daughters came up with, My Girlfriend’s Closet was a huge success and will be an annual event in our home. Inviting classmates and siblings of similar ages, we had a two-hour party without limit to the number of clothes they could take.  My girls loved going through their shoe bins and dressers, eager to rid themselves of outgrown outfits. Guests were encouraged to donate the same. With treats available, the girls tried on copious jeans jackets and dresses and all left happy.


On the day of the party. Be sure to display the clothing in a meaningful way. Dresses and suits should be hung on racks, tops and bottoms folded on tables. Be sure to let your participants know whether lingerie or underwear is welcome (it usually isn’t!).

Hops and Swaps

Don’t leave the men out of the exchange!  The guys need an excuse to exchange suits, ties and dress shirts! Below is the Sioux Falls based Fernson Brewing Company‘s ad for their version of an exchange. If you’re a guy, think outside the box and consider swapping power tools, grilling gear or whatever your interests may be!


Traditional Clothing Exchange

Naturally, my favorite clothing exchange is with my adult girlfriends. After two of these fabulous events, my close friends Kristin and Kelly have helped dozens of friends to clean out their closets and get “new-to- me” clothes. Both provided a range of sizes, styles, changing rooms and food. Left over clothing was donated to local charities such as Many Hands for Haiti.


Below is what I brought home and have worn several times since Kelly’s party.


Other local charities (Sioux Falls, SD) eager for donations include: The Downtown Ministry Center, Children’s Inn, Goodwill, and Children’s Home Society.DSC_0070Please consider hosting a clothing swap, taking photos and sharing with us on!

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