Future American Voters Unanimously Support Their Party

dsc_0317Tomorrow will be decisive for our country as we head to the polls. On the eve of Election Day, South Dakota youth gathered together to celebrate their unity, creativity and my daughter’s 11th birthday at Vance Thompson Vision in Sioux Falls, SD. My husband works there and the physician owners were gracious enough to allow us a party in their building.


The Birthday Convention

The night started with plenty of media coverage, complete with adults snapping photos with iPhones and traditional cameras like CNN, Fox News and NPR. Everyone dressed up in their best outfits. Music was blaring through the sound system. There was definite party unity!

Candidates Think On Their Feet

Once the adults of legal-age left the premises, the party got onto serious business. Committees of 2-3 were given a Zip-lock bag of various things (maybe found under Libby’s bed). They worked together to solve their task- a skit in front of the group. Not long after, kids wrote their acceptance speeches that were given during Libby’s gift-giving time.


But the highlight of the night revolved around winners from the polls. Kids directed and starred in their own movies, submitted them to the electoral college (Libby’s parents) and watched them together. Like many political candidates, the goals were the same but their strategies (and scenes) used were very different.

Election Results

Best interpretation of Classic Movie

Rocky McKenzie

Best Christmas Film

Claire Jensen

Best Use of Props

Hadlie Groen

Most Creative Use of Wildlife

Chancellor Haber

Best Sound Track

Ellie Huber

Most Dramatic

Cole Hiedleberger

Best Use of Entire Family

Jeremy, Trina, Elijah, AbbyKate, Natalie and Elisabeth Hamilton

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Best Actor

Luke Jerstad


Best Full-Length Music Video

Addali, Caden and Dawson Dekam


Best Musical Score

Champ Baumgarten


Best Costume

Ronan Hartwig


Best Science Fiction Movie

Autumn Aanenson


Best Percussion Solo

Piper Sheets


Best Movie Trailer

Mason, Alyvia, Xander, and Addyson Herman


Best Sound Effects

Lillyanna Cazares

Best Australian Accent

Oskar Hien

Best Special Effects

Julian Brudvig


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At a time when the majority of the country is divided about who should lead and what we value, it was so refreshing to see kids use their own problem solving skills to entertain themselves and encourage one another. I’m hopeful that when these young people can vote in the 2024 presidential election, our country will reflect the optimism and respect these kids showed for each other and their party last night!


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  1. More children (and adults) should be exposed to this kind if creative, kind, encouraging activeity. Way to go all of you!

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