Urban Preschoolers Take First Trip to the Farm

If you ever want to experience something with fresh perspective, invite a child into the scene. Compassion Child Care is a preschool and daycare which serves to empower lower income working families with the means to access comprehensive childcare at a price they can afford. Last week, fifteen energetic preschoolers, 5 adult helpers, and two vans packed with carseats descended upon our home. They hoped to meet the animals, help with farm chores and have a picnic lunch. I’m not sure if I or they had the better time.

Feeding the Animals

First chore was feeding the animals. Large containers of chicken feed, dog and cat food were passed out by the children in small bins- and the animals came running! Boys attempted to catch turkeys, girls caught kittens, and my daughters captured chickens for a close up look.


Gathering Peacock Feathers

Mating season is over for our Peacock, so he is shedding his feathers in a mess all over the yard. Usually I think of clean-up as a chore in and of itself, but the kids all insisted on one as a souvenir. I didn’t anticipate their assistance but was glad for the help!

Collecting Chicken Eggs

Our spring chickens aren’t laying yet so we fudged this chore a bit. Saving all the eggs we had, plus supplementing with some free-range brown eggs, we were sure to have at least 15 eggs in the laying boxes for gathering.

Slicing apples under the apple tree

Kids each picked one apple to core and slice outside. Debris was placed in our compost pile and the apples were made into applesauce to supplement lunch. Many of the kids wanted an early snack of apples and mulberries. Fortunately, we had extras of both!


Next we “planted” jelly beans in the greenhouse for a surprise ending to the day. Before leaving, the beans grew into a special candy!  I’m not sure how many times I heard “They grew into suckers!!!”

My daughter Muriel instructed the group how to shuck corn. Everyone did a fabulous job removing the silk AND eating them during our lunch.

And the last half an hour was spent playing Hide-n-go-Seek, Duck, Duck, Goose and getting our last fill of the animals.


But my favorite quote of the day was from this little girl. “I can’t wait to tell my mommy about your farm!” she said. When I asked her what she would say to her, she scampered away, apparently making more memories to share with her mother.


Thank you so much, Compassion Child Care, for helping me with chores, keeping my girls occupied and reminding me how special a hobby farm can be!

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