A Surprisingly Easy Way to Manage Weeds

Okay, folks.
True confession.

August somehow creeped up on theKband. And our garden.

Remember these photos?  The blank space where the vegetable garden was to go?
Remember how beautiful the garden was that Mel planted?

Well….then came the end of July and lots of trips.
When August came knocking at our door, we went outside to see our garden completely overrun by weeds.
It was awful.

Now, this is the thing: I had two choices, I figured.  I could one, throw up my hands and figure we gave it a good shot or two, I could get in there and weed and weed and weed that garden.

But, then something awesome happened.  I talked with a friend of mine who has a 15-year-old son who isn’t afraid of hard work.  I have known her son for a decade, since he was a little kindergartner.  So, I put my pride on hold for a couple hours, called my friend and asked if her son would be willing to help us out of a jam.

He came over and weeded our garden and earned $20.  Fifteen-year-olds, I remember from my youth, like money.  And, I like to be able to actually see the tomatoes growing.


He worked so hard and now our garden looks like this:

And our chickens are enjoying the tomatoes and cucumbers that were hidden under the massive weeds:

Our garden still does not look perfect, he weeded this garden over a week ago and already weeds are starting to find themselves back into the place where we are trying to grow vegetables. But, we can actually see the vegetables again. I have realized that my garden doesn’t need to look like it came from a Pinterest page. I just want to eat fresh produce.

So, I let my 11-year-old go through it this morning with a hoe and work at getting the weeds that he could. It is not going to be as pristine as it once was a week ago, but he does work hard and, he did a great job this morning. (Even if he did weed while holding a pogo stick. But that’s a different post.)

And a whole lot of “failures” ended up having a bright side.  A young man got some cash.  We got a clean garden.  Our chickens are fighting over some of the cucumbers and tomatoes that are less than perfect.  They are, in a word, eating what we have gleaned from our first fruits of the garden.

We are now enjoying cucumbers and peppers with hummus.  We are grilling zucchini.  And we can actually SEE it all growing.

Our son Isaiah is able to go to our garden without feeling completely overwhelmed with the amount of work to do. Someone else has done a lot of the major work for him. He just has to maintain it. Which he can do and is doing.


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