Toxic to Cabbage Worms, Safe for Kids

My favorite summer vegetables are all from the cabbage family. Kale, Brussels sprouts, red and green cabbage are on every dinner plate once they’re ready. But as my husband puts it;
“The only thing worse than discovering one cabbage worm in my salad…is discovering a half-eaten one”.

Moths fluttering above your plants with lacy cabbage leaves below are a sure sign you have this problem too. Here’s my simple trick to kill cabbage worms that is safe for kids to apply.

Mix the following in a grocery sack:

2 cups All Purpose Flour

2 Tablespoons cayenne pepper


Use a knife or pencil to punch holes in the bottom of the bag and sprinkle vigorously over your plants.


Sprinkle as often as you need to or after a large rain.


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