Why Your Kids Need a Second Home

blogger-image--2044584986I remember the evening that Matt and Beth told us that they were purchasing an acreage.  And I vividly remember Matt saying to my husband and I “it wouldn’t be the same if your family were not part of our acreage experience”.

Now, for some people, those would be just words.  But, for Matt and for Beth, those words were truth.  I love the title of this post.  All kids need a second home.  And my boys need a third.

Their first home is this city home in which we dwell.  Their second home is at this acreage.  We have sleepovers at their house.  The boys file into the basement after us adults have have finished our dinners and the kids have watched a movie together after spending a day in the fort.

And, that fort that you’re seeing pictures of?  This is their third home.  They love, love, LOVE it in that place.  I think Isaiah has plans of making it a semi-permanent residence. If he received mail, he’d be looking for a way to get it forwarded here.





I also love these pictures.  The little “city” in which they live in is called Kroeschenville–a combination of our names, which is fitting since the fort in which the city lies is a combination of giftings.


Beth makes the time, goes to the store, she is the one that keeps the project going and encourages along the way.

Nate’s Taylor Swift mug sits alongside tools.  He works with his hands.  He has a tree trimming business and loves to be in the trees, climbing them and hanging out in them.

Matt?  He’s making the funny faces and coming up with the grand plans.  He’s the visionary.  He’s the one who has the plan and the dream and we follow along for the ride.

And as I mentioned before, our families have sleepovers at their house. And after the boys file into the basement and the girls are in their beds, the adults climb up for alone-time of their own. You can just imagine how peaceful the summer breeze can be, knowing the kids are sleeping hard as you pop open a bottle of wine and relax with your adult friends!



As for me, I dutifully accept that glass of wine and, um, take pictures on my phone.

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