Five Reasons You Should Have Peacocks

If you have a large enough yard for farm animals, peacocks are one addition you don’t want to leave out. Although not a producer of meat or eggs (at least not that we plan to consume!), we’ve discovered a surprising love for this eccentric bird.

  1. They get along well with other outdoor pets- We have a Labrador Retriever, farm cats and chickens at our place. How would our new “blended family” survive? But when I set out the dog, cat and chicken food- they all came running and ate from the other’s bowl! The dog curls up with the cats. The peacocks play with the dog. Our daughters get along with everyone. This is pure utopia!


2. They are eager for attention- Visitors, service men and guests all get a show from Glory, the peacock. Emerald, the peahen, occasionally fans her feathers as well. In the morning, they are at the front door eager for the first view of our family. At night, they fly to the roof wishing the kids goodnight.


3. They are hearty animals- I thought peacocks would only survive in warm/wet places like California or Hawaii. But they have surprised me again by surviving two very cold winters and two very hot summers. The only care I provide is fresh water and chicken feed. Throughout the year, the peacock and peahen produce copious plumage that make it into my girls’ barrettes, centerpieces and party decor.

4. They are beautiful- Perhaps the most enjoyable of all our peacock’s characteristics is his beauty. Front and back, these birds are a wonder to observe. My daughter named the peacock well.  Glory is one of the most glorious living things on our acreage.


Peacocks have a distinct beauty, often missed, from behind
One of my favorite photos of our peacock, Glory
Peahens will occasionally fan their feathers as well.


5. They reproduce for free- After listening to the peacock crow all hours of the night to impress his only mate, he thankfully stopped crowing and became a father this week! Still awaiting a name (and an official declaration of its gender), this little peachick is the crown jewel of our home. At least until the next post… 🙂

5 thoughts on “Five Reasons You Should Have Peacocks

  1. Wow. Just wow. You are so lucky to have peacocks as pets. In India, it’s illegal. Peacocks are our national bird, and private ownership is banned. We do have peacocks flying up to our rooftops often, from nearby parks and forests where they live in their natural habitat.

      1. I’m not sure, to be honest. Maybe to discourage illegal trading. A few symbols of national heritage such as tigers (national animal), peacocks (national bird), sandalwood (native rare tree) etc. cannot be privately owned without a license. The illegal trade of historical antique artifacts, tiger body parts, peacock feathers etc. has really harmed the country. The poor Indian cheetah is probably extinct in India by now thanks to illegal poaching. The government has lately become strict towards these laws to tighten its grip on this kind of stuff.
        For example, If you have a sandalwood tree in your yard you have to inform the government and take a license for it and are responsible for it. Any suspicion of illegal trading for personal gain can land you in jail!

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