Why You Should Find a Gardening Buddy

One of my life’s great benefits is living within walking distance of many of my friends.  One of these friends, happens to be Mel.

I have known Mel for almost a decade.  I love her.  I adore her, really.  She’s funny, kind, compassionate, artistic and she loves plants.

The two of us were on a walk yesterday when I pitched my idea.  I asked if she would be willing to barter giftings.  I told her I’m at a spot now where I have time and energy and enthusiasm in the kitchen: I love cooking.  She has three young children and cooking with three young children can bring a special kind of chaos as some of us know.

She has an eye for landscaping and flowers and all things that grow in the ground.

I asked her if she’d be willing to come to my house and work with the little yard that we have and make it pretty.

I gave her my small budget and she agreed, but told me she’d probably get to just transplant some of her own plants to my yard that needed to be split.

And that is what she did today.As I have written, I don’t have much of a yard.  We live in the middle of town which has its benefits and drawbacks.

Look at this gem of a friend, she found plants and even these little pretty border stones under a massive bed of weeds and mess in our back yard.

What was once a pile of weeds became something beautiful under her care.
I so wish I had a “before” picture I could post.  What she’s done in just one day is more than I have done in the three years we’ve lived here.  Have I mentioned I’m truly, legitimately allergic to plants??  No kidding.  I break out in hives.

I could not do it and would not do it.  So our yard was just always kind of a mess.

But, today, because of my friend Mel and her passion, I have visited my back yard several times to just look at it and appreciate it.

I love it.  I have brought a neighbor back to look at it already.  I’m so excited about the life she breathed into a space I hadn’t thought could be beautiful.


Here we are: my beautiful friend Mel with her muddy hands in my yard and me with my clean hands that prepared dinner for her tonight.

I love this picture.  For all the reasons I’ve written about and more.  My friend helped me out in a big way.

I’m thankful for those muddy hands of hers.

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  1. What a great plan! I have a similar arrangement with our neighbors who go fishing almost every weekend. I supply them with fresh vegetables all summer, and they share some wonderful walleye with us! We both benefit, and we enjoy a friendship.

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