“Next Generation” Not Waiting Their Turn


Elementary students around South Dakota have realized they are not limited by their young age. Here are 4 examples of young people who collaborated in meaningful ways to the hungry and working poor, both at home and around the globe.


School aged kids through 5th grade in South Dakota and Minnesota helped raise over $25,000 with their original art work. Compassion Child Care is a preschool and daycare that exists to strengthen working-poor families in a Christ-centered environment. Children were critical in our most publicized event called Cookies and Milk. Elementary-age children submit artwork to be sold in a silent auction. In year’s past, children have been very generous with their time and creativity. Vance Thompson Vision is hosting the 3rd annual Cookies and Milk in Sioux Falls, SD, Saturday April 9th from 2-4pm. The event is free and open to the public.

Sydney Schock, age 10, started an annual bake sale, raising over $1000 annually for Arise Ukraine, providing basic needs for orphans and refugees who flee western conflict. During a 2014 visit, Paul Logan who is a missionary from the organization, spoke to Sydney’s Wednesday night youth group. Sydney’s excitement birthed her bake sale which in turn motivated several family and friends to help.  This year, she is raising money specifically for a camp where Arise Ukraine hopes to spread the gospel through a sports camp. In her mother’s words-  “They will be baking the 2nd and 3rd weeks of April (2016) so watch for Sidney and her order form. We never imagined Sidney would raise $1000.00, 2 years in a row. How cool for her (and all of us) to see GOD work!!! We trust He will do great things once again”.

Rosa Parks Elementary School‘s 3rd grade class bagged over 300 lunches this month through Lunch Is Served, Inc. They are a nonprofit with the unique mission of delivering simple sack lunches for working men and women who are attempting to break the chains of poverty and hunger. Twice a week, volunteers fill sack lunches to provide nutrition and “a tangible symbol of community encouragement and support created by volunteers and donations”.

My daughters Libby, Claire and Muriel Jensen donated 100+ articles of clothing from “My Girlfriend’s Closet”. After collecting shoes, purses, hats and clothes from their classmates, friends arrived to rummage through the “closet” (our living room) and give away the extras. These photos convey their generous spirit and how fun sharing can be among friends.

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